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11-11-11: Angels in Our Midst

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

Our soul groups and manifested angels help our soul's journey.

Despite a concentrated effort to raise our individual and collective consciousness, historically-common phrases like “you are my guardian angel”, “she is heaven-sent”, “he is an old soul”, and the like, today, seem to be mere words, rather than representative of the meaning and essence from which these phrases came. In our fast-paced world, we are so quickly moving onto “the next thing” we rarely take time to live in the moment and experience people we interact with, not only at an energetic level but at a basic human level, as well. Despite this dichotomy, I’d like to suggest that we are much closer to each other emotionally, spiritually and energetically than ever before and a conscious effort to acknowledge that fact, will lead us one step closer to a human experience that is based on the love that our souls emanate from.

Think of these situations: How often do solutions to problems that you’ve been dealing with suddenly appear out of nowhere? Or something you are thinking about is a conversation you have with a stranger only a few minutes later? How about when you are thinking about your children and they end up calling you on the phone at a time when they don’t normally do? Many would describe each of these situations as coincidences (and I personally do not believe in coincidences) or even synchronicity, which I wouldn’t necessarily disagree. The occurrence of people talking about these types of situations have become more and more frequent, in my experience, and I do NOT believe this is simply by accident.

I believe that humankind has evolved their understanding of the role that Angels and Souls (more specifically, members of someone's soul groups) play in our daily lives, ultimately providing us with many blessings. In learning how to be "open" to what the Universe provides to ME for MY soul's growth, here are a few examples from my blessed life that might resonate with you and reveal blessings, now and going forward, that you didn't think possible:

1. "Students" in our immediate family. Everyone in our life presents us with lessons for us to grow from. I, unfortunately, lost my Father to his transition when I was just 19. My Sister passed away rather young and in a very short time frame and less than 3 years later, my Mom passed away suddenly. My immediate "blood" family is now gone. While those situations were painful, they also redirected my focus to the joys I have experienced in my own life during their time here. I initially asked - why? As my wife's own parents grow older, I find myself sharing perspectives with her and her sisters that are preparatory in nature. Without having gone through these situations myself, the dialogue of feeling blessed with one's life, the acceptance of the cycle of life and the idea of realizing we (including parents) are simply "imperfect humans", would be without gravitas. Lesson: Consciously focus on the daily opportunities to be a student and teacher with those closest to you.

2. Our children as our teachers. When my son was 8, our regular ("stationary") camping trips turned into hiking and backpacking excursions. One particular day-long hike along the Appalachian Trail at the Delaware Water Gap in NJ was a challenge. Many times along the 4 mile route, I found myself having to convince my son that at the end of the trail, he would be AMAZED at what he would see. The trek was a constant opportunity to "give my Knute Rockne speech" to my son to motivate him to keep going and reminding myself "he'll appreciate this lesson in grittiness when he's older" as I struggled with my own choice to end the hike and turn around. Once we got to Sunfish Pond and I saw his renewed energy and absolute amazement as to what he was seeing and experiencing, I knew I had made the right choice in continuing. As I realized that we had just walked this woodsy path, side-by-side, I realized we had traveled an important path, TOGETHER. And as I sat reflecting on the beauty around us, the idea that I had somehow provided my son a lesson in perseverance, diminished as I realized that it was HE who had taught me the lessons of compassion and patience. Lesson: Move your ego out of the way and be humble to accept the lessons that the Universe is providing to your soul and its purpose for being "here".

3. Your Angels are already helping you. When I began my spiritual journey over 2 decades ago, I began to have very vivid dreams with "faceless" people in them - that which continue to this day. The bizarre "script" of any individual dream has always been superseded by messages of acceptance, spiritual calmness, and overwhelming love that subsequently permeates my daily life - and with cumulative affects. One particular repetitive element of my dream involves a "female form" that accompanies me during numerous situations in many of my dreams. She always seems very down-to-earth, practical, and focused on nature and the physical world, and characteristically is always blonde. She provides me with guidance, reassurance, calmness and encouragement in very practical ways. There is always a deep feeling of love - not romantic or physical - and it is overwhelming and stays with me long after I awaken. This feeling is, again, cumulative - each occurrence of this female in my dreams gets stronger with each appearance.

In 2014, I completed my Reiki Master and Teacher studies and certifications. As a follow-up session, my Reiki Master invited us to an Angel Occurrences group study. We were asked to (blindly) draw a card that would indicate what Angel was with us during the session and representative of what we are in the process of learning. My card was Archangel Ariel. I was astonished (well, maybe not...) to learn that Archangel Ariel was the energy, spirit and LOVE that I'd experienced in my dreams. As I shared this story and realization with my classmates - in REAL-TIME - I wept as I described what Ariel had been, and was still providing, to me and my soul's journey. Everything in my dreams suddenly made sense, I was trembling as I could literally feel my vibration increasing, and I knew I'd reached another spiritual level that was aligned with my soul's purpose of wanting to help people with my gifts. Fast-forward: After that experience and realization, the Universe has presented me with many incredible opportunities, especially to be kind and to forgive. I continue to feel myself growing as a spiritually-centered human, with the confidence to interact with others from a place of love, kindness and forgiveness. Not coincidentally, this experience has also helped me to focus on my health with the understanding that if I am healthy and strong (physically, as well as mentally and spiritually) I can impact more people in more positive ways. Little did I know my focus on my health would, yet again, be interwoven with my spiritual growth. Lesson: Be open to asking for, and receiving, help regardless of whether is it of the Universe, of another human, or simply the blessing of a situation or circumstance that will help your soul grow.

4. Some of your Angels have manifested on Earth. As much as Angels are leaders (and for me Ariel is my spiritual leader) they can also, very subtlety and simply, be those that guide you, encourage you, or "broker" you into earthly situations from which you have opportunities to learn lessons that help your soul to grow. This may be "connections" and "relationships" that are presented to you at work, in social circles or in my case, at the gym. Not a single visit to the gym goes by, for me, without an interaction with someone that "just needs to talk", needs some encouragement or kind words, or simply a smile and acknowledgement that "I see you and acknowledge who you are". As an empath, so much energy (good AND bad) in one place can be overwhelming for me - often I find myself seeking groups of people and even avoiding the crowds by isolating myself for a short time while I navigate to where I feel as though my soul "fits" and where I can be the of the most service to other souls. Are all of these situations interactions with Angels? Probably not. Are all of these interactions planned by my Angels here on earth? VERY likely. I've noticed this subtle energy at the gym for about a year now - NOT coincidentally after I ended up as the only student in an instructor-led group exercise class. I had the opportunity to not participate, however, I was literally guided to stay. As far as my health and fitness is concerned, I have not looked back, and I continue to be healthier and more fit than I have in 20+ years. Spiritually, since then, my vibration has increased, the Universe is revealing, to me, people and situations that, not only help my own soul's growth, but I have been given the opportunity to positively impact others' journeys in so many different ways. I continue to look at that day last year as a pivot point for me, a true blessing beyond words, and what I believe to be the first of many interactions with one of my Angels here on earth - my own personal "Ariel". Simple and more involved interactions, individually (with "Ariel") and with others, continues to amaze me beyond belief, and inspires me to become a better version of myself, while also helping me to realize that, with the specific and subtle guidance of this "Ariel", together and separately, there is much more planned for those of us who are traveling together - if we are open to the possibilities (stay tuned for a future blog post on this amazing topic!!). Lesson: As Rumi said, "As you walk out on the way, the way appears". As you continue to be open to your own soul's growth, respect those you encounter - they may not be an Angel on Earth, however, they could be.

Final Thoughts: As humanized versions of our souls, we are literally making our interactions and our experience more complex than they need to be for our soul's purpose during this incarnation. With the collective consciousness of the world being more "in tune" and evolving, let's simplify things and all do our part - work from a place of love and compassion - the pure purpose of our soul.


What waves are YOU creating with your thoughts, words and actions?

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