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Quarantine Quality: What kind of pebble are you?

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

What will we, ULTIMATELY, remember about COVID-19? The ways in which you have managed the balance of safety (yours' and that of the world around you) with your own and others' transcendence to a "more conscious and better world" .

I've occasionally written, and often spoken, about how our thoughts, gestures, and actions are all just spiritual and energetic pebbles that create "ripples" in the pond that is our Universe. In those actions, we can overtly and subtly affect those close to us as well as those far removed from our immediate influence in ways that aren't immediately apparent to us.

Before you spend 100% of your thought processes on the negative connotations that my statement invokes, I ask you to keep your mind open as you read the rest of this post, internalize it, and give positive energy and love to what it invokes in YOU.

In going past Day 60 of our "lockdown", I have come to realize that I, personally, have spent a lot of time and energy attempting to process, in my role as an Empath, the various ripples which I have experienced due to our individual and collective situations. Also, as a Spiritualist, I've found new meaning and context in the oft-overused term "unprecedented" when it’s come to processing these experiences. While some of my understanding has led me to a clearer and simpler view of life, other situations are so new and complex, I often find myself spending a lot of mental and spiritual energy, simply to get a basic grasp of their gravitas.

My first goal in sharing this post, is to acknowledge – beyond the #hastaghype and media coverage – that we TRULY are in this together and probably in ways that we are not always able to grasp or process. More importantly, I wanted to share some of my own experiences that I have both initiated and been blessed to be a part of.

Together, I trust that, what we will ALL come to realize, is this:

These “unprecedented times”, are not defined by the fear and the “unknown” as we’ve been programmed to believe and FEEL. That term is TRULY being defined as our species is, now, FINALLY, in the process of reaching our full capability to love, lift each other up, treat each other fairly and with compassion and otherwise raise our collective consciousness in ways that support our fundamental souls’ journey.


“Reiki Joe”, your Lightworker “in training”…


I need to share a quick story that provides a unique context to these past 60 days, albeit in retrospect and without, at the time, the insights that recent months have impressed upon me – all in order for you to fully understand my experiences, which I’ve outlined in the list at the end of this post.

Literally, after traveling across the US for about 2 months, and on the eve of our COVID-19 lockdown in March 2020, I received a message from someone that I consider a very spiritual, special, and loving and caring friend and human. Knowing what we were all starting to feel and be anxious about what we might soon experience, the message, for me, (...and you know how dangerous non-conversational, text-based communications are!!) was an unsettling combination of messages of “the world needs you (Lightworker), right now” and “we need to take advantage of this situation”.

My heart and soul IMMEDIATELY began this blatant and tumultuous tug-of-war with my “lower self” ego. It was literally gut-wrenching for me. I didn’t know how to respond – except to respond by NOT responding – although I believe that to be less-calculated than I’d like to admit. In some ways, my (non) response was ego simply “sending a message” (see how we can all use our ego to benefit our souls’ journey?!?!?!?).

Over the coming weeks, I revisited the moment of receiving that message as a part of an ongoing re-calibration of Joe, what do YOU want do – what ripples do YOU want to make – during these ‘unprecedented times’”.

So, I decided, simply, to keep going and take each moment, and each experience, as it came – and to make MY own “I AM”-centered ripples. I feel calm, at peace, and in balance with my decision that is, as of now, at LEAST 60 days in-the-making.

Feel free to share with me or others, your experiences and the “ripples” you’ve made – mine are below.

  • I noticed and appreciated the blue skies, the gentle winds, and the fresher air – long before the media told us about the scientific evidence that Mother Earth was taking a deep breath and regenerating before our eyes, after centuries of our exploitation of Her

  • I came to the realization that wearing a mask was not really a big deal or inconvenience, in the big picture, and if doing so meant that I could save a life, I’m all for it

  • I “intuited” that a “mass offering” of my Reiki, Energy & Spiritual Healing practice would, for the short-term, divert my attention away from individuals that needed me most – those who I know and are “close” to me, and as such…

  • I sent MEANINGFUL texts to people…”how are you”, “how can I support you”, “if you want to talk, I’m here”, “how is your family managing” and had meaningful video and audio sessions to support them

  • I remembered – and felt in MY SOUL, and shared with many – what my dearly departed friend Daryll used to say: We don’t have to talk or be in each other’s’ lives every day to hold love and meaning in our hearts for each other

  • I had the opportunity to share, publicly, my appreciation for the incredible, passionate and caring co-workers I have

  • I was able to further-deepen my understanding and compassion for those among us that are still oppressed, bigoted against, and wholly underappreciated - AND made a commitment to doing what I am able to do, individually, to lift EVERYONE up AND to support those who are raising the bar, in this way, on a more massive scale

  • I contributed financially to those who are struggling with COVID-19 impacts, to those raising money to do the same, and to those who continue to bring me joy and pleasure in ways that I didn’t previously appreciate

  • I continue to verbalize, at EVERY instance, my DEEP AND SINCERE appreciation for people: “thank you for being here” …when I go to the grocery or supply store, get a delivery, interact with a healthcare worker…the list is pretty much is my gratitude

  • I fist or elbow “bump” and even hug people (as I’m allowed to) who have had a rough go, mentally and physically during this time – and appreciate how, out of their less-than-optimal situations, THEY have ACTUALLY shined a bright light on eating healthier, taking care of our physical, mental and spiritual selves, providing opportunities to exercise more, and countless other underappreciated advantages that we all have

  • I’ve “created a space”, to simply just “be”, for incredible, high-vibrational people in my life who have outwardly said to me, in trust and confidence, that they are struggling

  • I share “funny stuff”, opportunities to listen to music as a group, or participate in group exercise events, to help everyone/anyone take their minds off of the overall, and their individual, pandemic-initiated situations

  • I have focused on myself and others MORE so that we accept our new “way” of things...our “new normal” - no matter what changes you have made or feelings that you or someone may have formed, as a result of our current quarantine.

  • I have become MORE open to, and compassionate about, how we ALL may have had to shed our old ways to begin to show our “light” again, in a different way.

  • I have shared with others that we MUST be gentle with “self” as you: evolve your former standards and expectations, which were based on a reality that no longer exists; find your “footing” which will be very challenging; accept yourself as being different while you search for YOUR new way to “shine your light” and love and “lift up” others.

  • I've outwardly expressed, in ways that I never would have before, my love, appreciation and feelings of "missing" people who are walking this path of life with me.

What ripples are YOU making?

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