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As with most healers, teachers, enablers, and lightworkers, I "struggle" with the simple idea of sharing "My Story" here.  My own humble nature (well, semi-humble !!!), and the personal and individualized nature of this work that I've been blessed to do, is an interesting dichotomy, unto itself.  Yet, in order to reach more people, assist in the collective evolution of our planet, and help enable the spiritual awakening of all humankind, I am leaving behind that "struggle" with EGO, and focusing on what my SOUL is destined to do.  After all, we are not humans having a soul experience.  We are SOULS having a human experience.

I'd like to give loving credit where credit is due - to my wife, Stacy, for helping me, unconditionally, pursue this gift and seamlessly working with me to integrate "all this" into our family life - even when the process was scary or difficult to understand.  And to our children, Benjamin and Rebecca - as their biblical names would indicate - they are truly "old souls".  Both embody a special spiritual connection - to their loved ones and the Universe - that motivates me to pursue my soul's purpose.  Most importantly, both are special human beings, aptly chosen for us to enrich our family's collective life experience.


During the last 2 decades, I have been dedicated to studying and practicing Reiki and becoming a Certified Reiki Master Teacher in 2014.  I invite you to view my Reiki certifications here.  The gift of Reiki learning and teaching has become the foundational element of my work with clients.  Reiki, and the Universal Life Force Energy, enables each client's body, the ability to promote relaxation, relieve stress and foster better, physical well-being - through, what I call, the "energy system infrastructure".  I also incorporate EEM (Eden Energy Medicine) best practices into client sessions since it facilitates a deeper focus on each of the body's physical systems by specifically optimizing the flow of energy through meridians and associated energy vortices - what I call the body's "energy super highways".


Beyond the energetic aspects of the physical body, my certification as an IET Basic-Level Practitioner (Integrated Energy Therapy), allows additional focus on deeply embedded and underlying issues and feelings that have been suppressed at a cellular level.  Through identification and remediation of the resulting energy restrictions, I help facilitate the client's own ability to overcome a limited, overall experience of life, including lack of spontaneity and reduced joy, as well as energy depletion and even manifestation of disease.  In advanced conditions and/or those involving specialized circumstances, I am able to utilize my IET referral network, to deliver additional benefits to clients in those situations.

I have incorporated complementary self-development-oriented strategies into my practice, including Brainwave Entrainment (theta-state subliminal "reprogramming") and RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy, specifically "hypnosis") as well as an expansive set of hybrid approaches that I have personally developed through extensive research and "field testing".  These strategies "fill in the gaps" to ensure comprehensive adaptation of the benefits of the energy work based on the client's intention for growth.  


Most importantly, the Services I offer to my clients integrates all of my training, expertise and experience, delivered via proven and transformational approaches and techniques and first-applied to "self", and presented in "Day-In-The-Life-Ready" format.

I look forward to, confidentially, working with you to create a better version of yourself, your business and work, and your LIFE!

Reiki Joe

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