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Stop by our table!  Let's talk about how Reiki and other energy practices might help you resolve your challenges.  AND - Be sure to enter in our raffle for a FREE future session.


On-site, PRIVATE Reiki "Mini Sessions" with "Reiki Joe" - Relaxation, stress reduction, balance.  Spoil yourself with a discounted “mini” Reiki session and facilitate the ability of your own mind, body and soul, to heal.  Book in advance, online & SAVE 33%!!!


Attend a "how to" presentation by "Reiki Joe".  In this brief talk, you'll learn simple energy balancing techniques and daily routines to help you manage your daily emotional, physical and spiritual “stressors”.  

Time:  12:45pm  Room:  TBA

(room details posted at the event)

What is Reiki and how can it help you?  Are you coming to the event to learn more?  Have you heard of Reiki and not sure exactly what it is, or what it does?  Get your answers in this short informative video, before you come to the event.


Meet 50+ holistic practitioners, crafters and product vendors!!!  In our 8th year, you'll see why people keep coming back:  Reiki, T'ai Chi, energy medicine, chiropractic care, health screenings, ayurvedic spices and medicine, intuitives & psychics, aura photography, nutrition & health coaching, natural, holistic, green and handmade personal care products and clothing and MUCH MORE!!!


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