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"We are each capable of facilitating the ability of our own mind, body and soul, to heal"

Meet Joseph ("Reiki Joe")

"Reiki Joe" has studied and practiced Reiki for almost 2 decades and has been a Certified Reiki Master Teacher since 2014.  As a young child, he was always "spiritually aware" and not until he was a grown adult, was he fully enlightened to his energy path and exploration of his soul's purpose.  Through a series of manifested events, Joseph saw his family life, career, and spiritual exploration, converge at an "Intro to Reiki" course in rural Orange County, NY. 


The Universe began to support Joseph immediately, effortlessly guiding him to arrange and attend Level I-III Reiki classes and attunements, as well as providing access to a support system of friends, loved ones and complete strangers seeking the benefits of energy healing. 


In the years since, he continues to evolve his spiritual and energy work and dedicates time every day towards introducing new approaches, techniques and modalities to his practice, his  clients and to "self".

Insights, Articles & Self-Care 


Sharing information for the greater good and to promote the benefits of energy work throughout our community.

Individual Sessions & Group Classes


Seeking relaxation, rejuvenation or simply some "me time" ?  Wanting to learn more about Reiki or other energy modalities?  Are you a Reiki student wanting to advance your levels and attunements?


We have you covered.

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